July 2016 Newsletter

The Baptist Student Union at Montana Tech

Seeking to make life-long productive citizens in the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ


Greetings from beautiful Butte, Montana! We are finally experiencing some typical Butte summer weather—which means in the 80’s one day and a chance of snow the next! Had ice on the windshield today. Love it!


What a year so far! CALEB moved out of the BSU house and moved into the Finlen Hotel (on the upper floor) in May and loves living there. He graduated from Montana Tech with an OSH degree and is now working full time at Trec, Inc. He has Bible Study with the Youth every other Wednesday night this summer and he’s also a certified lifeguard and a volunteer Soccer coach at the YMCA. He still plays the drums at Church and in September, he plans to marry Bailey. He still enjoys nerdy stuff like video games and anime and the Power Rangers and superheroes, but he says that if you work out and are as big as he is, no one will question your nerdiness. I will have to agree. He does looks very intimidating, but the pre-schoolers he coaches love him. He is also excited that one of the PokeStops on PokemonGo is our Church building—he’s thinking that will bring us some students during the School year….why not?

JOEL finished his 2nd year at Tech but will probably be at Tech 3 more years—yes, he just loves it that much. He is spending this Summer in China teaching English and hanging out with our friends and meeting new ones. I sure do miss him even though I never really saw him when he was in Butte. He is doing really well there. He is healthy and has been reading his Bible more and praying more and sharing the Gospel and developing some long-lasting relationships. So, I’m really ok with him being so far away from home—doing what God wants him to do and being who God desires him to be. God is so good.

MARK will turn 50 at the end of this month but we can’t party in Butte because he will be in China with Joel doing an English Camp at the school where Joel works. I’m sure they will give him a super celebration there! He traveled to Peru in March with 7 students during Spring Break. They worked with a Church in Lima and did some medical clinic stuff and evangelism in a poor village. It was a great trip—some of the students who went are already talking about going back. He then went back to Peru to visit with a friend who had lung cancer. Last month, our friend went on to be with the Lord forever. That family is very special to us. In May/June he went to Brazil to visit 3 students who went to Tech (Pedro, Priscila, and Hayane). What a good, but tiring, trip that was. He baptized 2 of the 3 while they were at Tech, and he was pretty encouraged by their spiritual journey. Please pray for Mark—he knows he’s getting old and his body is falling apart, but he doesn’t know how to slow down or to stop traveling. Last week, he pulled a muscle on his back and he was downing 800mg of Advil to ease the pain. Good thing it was only for 3 days. I did find some Asian oils to massage into his back—I think that helped. Ha! He stepped on something while fishing that made it hard to walk, he has ringing in his ears, and his gout still bothers him—specially when I feed him too much shrimp. He won’t ever stop being busy. But he continues to be a great minister to folks and a great teacher of the Word.

I’m doing good. I definitely miss the students who left for the summer. From January to May, I was taking care of a baby full time—that was fun and required a lot of adjustment. She is now 9 1/2 months old and I still get to watch her once or twice a week. I would watch her more but wow, she is mobile and I can’t get much done! I stay busy—we have a house that is still not done with the remodeling and is always messy. We are TRYING to downsize but it seems like we just talk about it—not much downsizing is being done….but we’ll get to it someday! I’m hoping to get to the boxes and boxes of STUFF that litters our house and either toss or donate or burn or do something with them. Mark didn’t plant a garden this year so at least that’s one less thing I have to worry about.

Tech Orientation is in a few weeks and then we really get busy. This Fall will be our 57th Semester working with the College students. What an amazing journey so far. We are excited for the returning students and also for the new students we will meet.


Finally! The BSU house will be getting a makeover this summer. The blinding blue color will be changed to Digger Green! There are other big improvements we would like to do to the house but that requires some funds we don’t currently have. If you ever lived in the BSU house and would like to help, financially or labor, we would greatly appreciate it. Even if you didn’t live in the BSU house, we would still accept and appreciate your help. Having the BSU house has been really good for the ministry and we would like to be good stewards of what God has faithfully provided us with.

We have a great group of students who are willing to work, share, and invest in the ministries of BSU and Park Street Baptist Church. Please pray for them as they make an impact at Tech, in our community, in the world, and in the Kingdom.


Mark, Emma, and Hope as they travel to SE Asia to meet up with Joel and teach at a Summer Camp….for safety, health, endurance, a learning attitude, and all that other good stuff that comes with trips like these.

Mark baptized 14 people this past school year—what an incredible celebration of God’s unfailing love, mercy, and grace. 6 of them are new believers and the others just finally gave in to the urging of the Holy Spirit to be obedient.

And of course, we appreciate any prayer you can offer for Mark and me.


THE SCOUT license plate: 

It’s been over a year since Mark’s little baby went to the shop to get an overhaul. It’s getting closer to being done! It will be a great way to promote BSU on campus and around town.

The walls came down on the second floor of the Church building. Hopefully, we’ll have the auditorium up there soon.

Thank you! Again, we can’t ever say that enough. Thank you for your prayers, thoughts, and financial support. Your friendship through the years has spurred us on toward love and good deeds. Thank you for joining us in this incredible journey.


Do things that matter.

May God be glorified.

Rachel and Mark


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